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Fire Door Alarm Releases

  • Fire Door Alarm Releases provide an interface between a fire door and an alarm system/smoke detectors to allow automatic closing to be initiated by the alarm/detectors.  They can be used on new or existing manual or motor operated fire doors (rolling or sliding).
  • The Model AR-D is a UL864 compliant failsafe time delayed alarm release for applications where battery backup is not necessary.
  • The Model AR-D2 additionally includes an integral battery providing 7-day battery backup of up to 4 local detectors and warning devices that are powered by it, and advanced diagnostics utilizing LED indicators and audible tones to advise status and functionality.
  • AR-D and AR-D2 are both universal-voltage devices that can be powered by 100–240VAC / 50Hz or 60Hz building current, or 24VAC/DC from a fire alarm control panel or UL1481 power supply.
  • The Model AR-C converts a new or existing Lawrence “Easy-Reset” fire door operator to “Auto-Reset” functionality providing time delayed alarm activated closing and fail safe closing upon a loss of power.  It automatically resets when the alarm is cleared and power is restored so the door can be opened without any physical resetting of the release.

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