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High Performance Doors

  • High Performance Doors are designed for 500,000 cycles usage with an approximate average operating speed of 24 inches per second to open and 12 inches per second to close.  They are well suited for applications where traditional roll-up doors do not adequately meet the demands for very high frequency usage or the desire for higher speed operation.
  • Enhanced security and environmental control result from faster operation with less open time.
  • Model PD features a springless barrel design, standard flat-face or optional insulated slats, delrin endblocks, Scratch-Guards protection system to reduce finish wear and operating noise, unique steel guide design with replaceable UHMW wear strips provides easy access for periodic inspection and maintenance, 2 HP minimum motor operator with variable speed controller and soft start/stop, dual monitored sensing systems, and more.
  • Isolation mounts are available as an option to reduce vibration and operating noise transmitted to the structure.

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