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AlumaTekā„¢ side-folding and rolling closure products – manufactured by Lawrence Doors since acquiring AlumaTek assets in 2010 – are based on an established and proven product design found in malls, shopping centers, airports and other retail and commercial locations.  All curtains are fabricated from precisely extruded aluminum components for a quality fit and finish.  In addition to the standard product offerings, accommodations can often be made to comply with special design and unique installation requirements.  The original AlumaTek product designs have been improved on and enhanced, and are now sold under the Lawrence Doors name.

Side-Folding Closures operate easily, stack compactly and need no headroom.  Requiring only a top track for mounting, they can slide straight or through simple or compound curves, and can be made in either single or bi-parting configurations.

Model FO is constructed of open aluminum panels divided by vertical rods and horizontal stiffeners to provide 2 5/16″ wide and 12″ high spaces throughout.  This is one of the strongest and most durable open panel designs available.  The FO is an attractive closure suitable for securing many storefronts and other retail or commercial uses.

 Model FC is fabricated from aluminum panels with clear polycarbonate glazing inserts.  It is the “clear choice” for applications where the combination of maximum visibility and enhanced security is desired.  The closed panels of the FC help to control temperature and maintain cleanliness.

Model FV is designed for visibility and ventilation through the use of perforated aluminum panels.  Staggered 3/16″ x 3/4″ diagonal perforations offer 50% open area with a more stylish appearance.  The FV is suitable for many of the same applications as the FO but is a more secure alternative.

Model FS uses solid aluminum panels to create the strongest and most secure model of side-folding closures.  It is an ideal solution for applications where visibility and ventilation are not wanted.

Model FG is a side-folding grille made with horizontal aluminum links interconnected with vertical aluminum rods in a typical 3″ wide, 12″ high pattern.  It is a lighter weight, more economical, but potentially less secure, alternative to the FO and FV side-folding panel products.

Rolling closures coil neatly overhead and require only minimal side clearances.  They do not need any structure across the top of the opening and can be installed on an independent tube support system (as shown).  Available curtain designs are as follows:

  • Model AC – horizontal aluminum panels with clear polycarbonate glazing inserts
  • Model AV – horizontal aluminum panels with 3/16″ x 3/4″ diagonal perforations
  • Model AS – horizontal solid aluminum panels
  • Model AD – solid 14 ga. aluminum slats with low-profile appearance


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