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  • A new “QuietHoist” will be soon become a standard feature on Lawrence Fire Doors and Insulated Fire Doors to reduce the operating noise caused by the hand chain running through the chain guide. (3/18)
  • Introducing the FirePro” Auto-Test System… a keyed test switch to verify the alarm activation function of automatic closing “Auto-Reset” Fire Doors and automatic opening Gateway Series Doors and Grilles. (2/18)
  • Model PG High Performance Grilles are now available in larger sizes up to 30 ft. wide, 16 ft. high, 350 sq. ft. and with an increased standard design life of 500,000 cycles… another industry first from Lawrence Doors! (10/17)
  • Lawrence Doors now offers an AR-C “Auto-Reset” Conversion Module for use on fire door chain, crank and motor operators to provide time delayed automatic closing upon alarm or power loss.  When the alarm is cleared and power is restored, the AR-C is automatically reset. (10/17) 
  • In an effort to enhance product safety, a new Monitored Sensing Device Adapter is now available to support the use of monitored sensing edges and photo eyes on pre-UL325-2010 compliant “legacy” operators without monitoring functions. (12/16)
  • Now available from Lawrence Doors… Wood Grain Powder Coating in
    a variety of faux grain effects that mimic popular wood species such as Teak, Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Knotty Pine and Douglas Fir. (Recommended for interior applications.) (11/16)
  • Lawrence Doors has developed a new, innovative, Gateway Series of doors and grilles providing controlled egress and secure access.  “Fail-Safe” operation automatically opens the door or grille upon a loss of power or alarm.  A “Fail-Secure” option will keep the door or grille closed during a power outage, but will then automatically open upon alarm, exit button, or secure access by emergency responders.
    Contact customer service for more information. (12/15) Gateway Series Doors and Grilles are protected by one or more US Patents. (6/17)
  • Lawrence manufactures several  46′ wide x 18′ high Insulated Doors weighing 10 tons each – one of which is also fire rated – for a secure facility in the Pacific Northwest.  Curtains were specially fabricated from double slats formed of 18 ga. front slats with fully interlocking 20 ga. back slats. The insulated fire door utilized a 7 1/2 HP “Easy-Reset” FGH fire door motor operator with internal release and governor that controls gravity closing to less than 1 ft. per second. (9/15)
  •  A new AR-D2 Fire Door Alarm Release with Battery Backup is now available.  Features include universal voltage compatibility, 7-day battery support of the release and detectors/warning devices powered by it, and advanced diagnostics utilizing LED indicators and audible tones to advise status and functionality. (4/15)
  • Lawrence fire door products have been recognized by UAE Civil Defense as acceptable for use in that region of the Mideast. (2/15)
  • Lawrence Doors is celebrating Our 90th Anniversary
    a family owned business providing quality products since 1925! (1/15)

  • Lawrence protects new US Navy laser weapon with a custom designed, vibration resistant, motion tolerant, fully aluminum roll-up door installed on a sliding housing to shelter the weapon aboard the USS Ponce in the Persian Gulf. (12/14)
  • Criterion Chain Gate debuts as part of Carol Bove art exhibit
    in Italy
     at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Bolzano. Click on the following link for information about the exhibit(11/14)

  • Another first! Lawrence introduces FGH “Easy-Reset” Fire Door Operators with NEMA 4 and 4X ratings for use on exterior mounted fire doors or interior fire doors installed in moist or corrosive environments. (8/14)
  • Lawrence push-up operated fire doors and counter fire doors will soon feature a DSG Directional Speed Governor system.  This innovative new governor design, with its integrated self-adjusting clutch and reducer, is completely disengaged when the door is being lifted open, but engages automatically as needed in a load-sensing response to the door closing. (12/13) 
  • A new Model FRPE monitored reflective photoeye is being added to the Lawrence Doors line of UL325-2010 compliant sensing devices. The FRPE offers the same quality NEMA 4X rating as the Model FOPE monitored optical photoeye,
    but requires wiring to the motor operator on only one side of the opening. (9/13)

  • Lawrence Doors offers designs for special environments with demanding requirements such as Corrosion Resistant Construction, applications with Elevated Temperature Operation such as kilns and drying ovens, Blast & Impact Resistance for munitions and secure facilities, and Vibration & Motion Tolerance for doors on specialty vehicles, equipment and vessels. (9/13)
  • Lawrence SG and MG Series motor operators and FG Series fire door motor operators are now c-UL Listed for use in Canada and available in 575v-3ph(10/12)
  • Model PD and PG High Performance Doors & Grilles are available with a specially designed optional isolation mounting system to reduce vibration and operating noise normally transmitted from the door/grille to the structure. (5/12)
  • Lawrence Doors has been selected by DASMA to supply the rolling service doors and fire door used on a Seismic Research Test Project at UC San Diego.  This project replicates multiple large magnitude seismic events utilizing a shake table to determine the effects on the structure of a 5 story building, its systems and contents.  It also includes multiple post-seismic event fire tests to evaluate the performance of fire protection systems after major earthquakes.  Click on the following links for major network news videos and a video of the largest seismic test motion (4/12) (6/12)
  • Now available… Model PD High Performance Doors designed for 500,000 cycles usage with an average operating speed of 24 inches per second to open, 12 inches per second to close. (3/12)
  • Introducing the Lawrence Model AD – an addition to the A-Series Rolling Closures line – featuring 14 gauge extruded aluminum low profile slats for service counters and full height openings up to 28 ft. wide, 12 ft. high, 250 sq. ft. (11/11)
  • Lawrence Doors selected to provide aluminum roll-up doors for award-winning custom live/work project – (8/11)
  • Lawrence is now offering grey color slats and hoods on most door products in addition to our standard tan/off-white color. (4/11)
  • Lawrence products comply with the General Requirements of the Buy American Act and provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. (11/10)
  • From the Pages of History – a DASMA magazine feature highlighting the 85 year history of Lawrence Doors. (10/10)
  • New requirements for UL Listed commercial door operators can be confusing.  We offer some Simple Answers to Common Questions about UL325-2010 . (8/10)
  • Lawrence Doors introduces the first, truly high performance, roll-up grille. The Model PG High Performance Grille is designed for 300,000 cycles usage with an average operating speed of 24 inches per second to open, 12″ per second to close. (7/10)
  • Lawrence develops a new logo to more clearly convey that its product lines are not limited to just rolling doors, but that it manufactures other types of door products as well. (4/10)
  • Celebrating Our 85th Anniversary!  Founded in 1925, Lawrence is a 3rd generation family business. (3/10)
  • Lawrence Roll-Up Doors, Inc. announces its acquisition of AlumaTek assets and plans to begin producing a new line of Side-Folding and Rolling Closure Products.  Styles will include glazed, perforated, solid and open panel configurations as well as rod-and-link type. (3/10)
  • Lawrence introduces its new Model AR-D Fire Door Release
    – a UL864 compliant failsafe time delayed release device without the need or expense of battery back-up for use on new or existing manual or motor operated fire doors. (12/09)
  • A new Model IL Insulated Fire Door is now available, utilizing a double-slat curtain construction with mineral wool insulation to combine fire protection with the benefits of thermal and sound control. (8/09)
  • A Product Illustrator feature has been added to the Technical Support section of the website to illustrate typical configurations and standard details of various Lawrence door and grille products. (7/09)
  • Many stock products are available for same day or next day shipment.  Available products include common sizes of Stock Service Doors and LT Folding Gates,  a variety Motor Operators  and Controls & Accessories – including Sensing Edges – and Retrofit Fire Door Operators . (6/09)
  • LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) information has been developed to support compliance efforts with this voluntary national rating system promoting the design, construction and operation of high-performance, sustainable buildings that are more energy efficient, conserve natural resources, and produce less waste. (3/09)
  • Lawrence Roll-Up Doors, Inc. launches a new website featuring fully updated content, improved navigation, photo galleries, and other enhancements. (2/09)
  • Lawrence introduces the HL-9 “Heavy-Link” grille pattern for Model HG Grilles, fabricated from 3/16″ thick 2-hole aluminum links with rods spaced on 1 1/2″ vertical centers. (2/09)
  • Model HI Insulated Doors have been re-designed to include a new metal back insulated slat profile, available in galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum. (2/09)
  • Select Pacific Rolling Door Replacement Parts are now available for service doors, fire doors and grilles. (2/09)
  • Model SGH and FGH motor operators can now be provided with an optional Industrial Control Panel for applications where some environmental protection is desired but NEMA 1 rated equipment is acceptable. (9/08)
  • Lawrence receives new UL approvals to increase the maximum over size limits of its Model HL Fire Doors to 60 ft. wide, 50 ft. high, 1320 sq. ft. (7/08)
  • Lawrence Roll-Up Doors, Inc. acquires Pacific Rolling Door
    assets from Alumatek-Pacific, including the Pacific Rolling Door name, contacts, manufacturing equipment, tooling, intellectual property, and UL fire door listings. (6/08)

  • Model CG Counter Grille has been added to the Lawrence product line combining the compact design and finished appearance of a counter door with the ventilation and visibility of a grille. (3/08)

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