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High Performance Grilles

Take a moment to compare the differences and find out why The LAWRENCE Model PG High Performance Grille is an ADVANTAGE!

The Model PG is a truly high performance grille – Designed to operate for 500,000 cycles…            Plus an average operating speed of 24 inches per second to open, 12 inches per second to close

Product Features Traditional Rolling Grille1 LAWRENCE Model PG High Performance Grille LAWRENCE Model PG ADVANTAGE!
Cycle Life 50,000 cycles 500,000 cycles Designed to last 10 times longer
Warranty 2 years / 50,000 cycles 2 years / 500,000 cycles2 Superior performance… superior warranty
Barrel Design Torsion springs Spring-less design No springs to wear out or break – eliminates cost of barrel repairs and resulting down time
Grille Curtain – Links 3-hole links
(single 1/8″ thick links alternating with double 1/16″ thick links)
2-hole heavy links (all links 3/16″ thick) Thicker links better withstand repeated coiling of the curtain on itself; Shorter links are more resistant to bending
Grille Curtain – Rods Spaced on 2″ centers Spaced on 1 1/2″ centers Rods are closer together for greater strength and increased security
Grille Curtain – Rod Sleeves Aluminum sleeves on every 6th rod, and on every other rod between end links Aluminum sleeves on every 4th rod; Stainless steel sleeves on every rod between end links Sleeves are closer together for more strength; Stainless steel sleeves provide superior wear surface where curtain travels in the guides
Grille Curtain – Rod Ends Cotter pins on ends of sleeved rods; Retaining rings on ends of other rods Cotter pins on ends of all rods Ends of all rods are mechanically secured to better maintain curtain alignment
Guides 1/8″ thick extruded aluminum channels with HDPE wear strip inserts 1/4″ thick steel shapes with replaceable UHMW wear strips; Separately removable outer guide plate & inner guide angle Steel guides are more durable than aluminum; UHMW wear strips won’t wear out; Unique guide design provides easy access for periodic inspection and maintenance
Guide Mounting Steel wall angles Steel wall tubes Wall tubes provide more rigid mounting for very high frequency / high speed use
Motor Operator 1/2 HP in-line gear drive motor operator 2 HP (min.) high efficiency in-line gear drive motor operator; Variable speed controller with soft start/stop feature; Integral speed governor Complete assembly is designed specifically for very high frequency / high speed use; Variable speed allows grille to open fast but close at slower, safer speed; Soft start/stop extends life by slowing grille before full open and close to reduce shock loads; Governor prevents curtain free-fall in unlikely event of operator component failure
Operating Speed Approx. 6″ to 8″ per second to open and close Approx. 24″ per second to open, 12″ per second to close Opens 3 to 4 times faster and closes 1 1/2 to 2 times faster than traditional rolling grilles – plus enhanced safety features are included
Cost3 $$ $$$$$ Superb value – 10 times the life for about 2 1/2 times the price of a traditional rolling grille!

1 Features listed are for a Lawrence HG Grille and may exceed what can be expected on many other types of traditional rolling grilles.

2 Additional warranty conditions apply.

3 Cost comparison based on estimated initial cost for a 20′ wide x 8′ high grille, clear anodized finish, galvanized steel hood, monitored sensing edge, reclose timer, cycle counter, sales tax, and installation (not including power or control wiring).

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