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Ventilated Doors

Model Model HV
Ventilated Door
Application larger sizes, increased durability, higher usage
Size Limits 30′ wide, 16′ high
Cycle Life 50,000 cycles
Warranty 2 years
Slat Type “Tv” – 2 5/8″ x 3/4″ flat slats, 1/8″ holes on 3/16″ staggered centers
Slat Gauge 20 ga.
Windlocks over 20′ wide (slats with windlocks are solid)
Bottom Bar double steel angle
Guides 3/16″ U-channels, 3/16″ minimum wall angles
Barrel 6 5/8″ dia. minimum pipe
Brackets 3/16″ minimum
Bearings heavy weight precision ground
Push-up to 8′ wide, 8′ high
Chain Hoist cast iron gear reduction
Hood 24 ga.
Available Options most
Alternate Models HD – Service Door
HW – Weather-Edge Door
HI – Insulated Door (Steel back)


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